Links Round Up

What I’ve been look at online this week…

I didn’t know all the technology that went into making orange juice. Although this article is a bit finger-pointy, it’s a good look at how processed even unprocessed-looking-foods truly are.

This Gawker article tells the story of a Kiwi man who went swimming and was bitten on the leg by a hungry shark. Luckily he was spear fishing and so had a knife with him; he stabbed the shark and they both went their separate ways. Man swam to shore, and as he was a doctor (and a badass) stitched up the shark bite wound and went to have a beer. Reminds me of a few folks I know… but what really got me was one of the posts in the comments…

timid shark joke

It made me laugh out loud.

Since the superbowl is today (it is today, right?), here are a few thoughts…

NFL cheerleading, at least for this team, is a bad job.

Watching the NFL might be morally questionable.

And to end on a more positive note, here’s some major swoon-age for the ladies out there. Ahh Ben Ainslie… dashing, handsome, British, sailor, and he loves Elton John? Watch out ladies.