Setting goals is so helpful. I wanted to lay out a plan for 2014 for myself when I saw that my buddy Goodafternoonan recently wrote a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I love this idea: let’s see if I can do these 52 things in one year: 2014.

– Take 6 trips for fun (at least one of them camping). On the to-do list is:
– Lake District
– Exmoor and/or Dartmoor forests
– Iceland
– Italy or Greece
– Scotland
– Croatia
– Prague
– Tenerife
– Amsterdam
– more of Spain
– take at least one totally spontaneous trip (look for the best flights on Thursday and leave Friday)
– Go on 4 walks near London
– Sail in at least 12 dinghy races
– Sail in the Solent at least twice
– Do at least one offshore race (maybe a cross channel?)
– Get my Day Skipper certification
– make 12 drawings that I am really proud of
– do a drawing or print inspired by every trip I take
– learn 4 new ukulele songs
– write 2 original songs
– do 4 sewing projects
– collaborate with someone on an art project
– write 12 letters or postcards to NY
– write 12 letters or postcards to TX
– call each of my parents and brother once a month
– remember everyone’s birthdays and send them birthday cards
– make christmas presents for my immediate family
– get in touch with someone from high school
– make 4 new friends in London
– go home for my Mum’s 70th birthday
– learn how to make something from my aunt
– increase my regular blog readership by a factor of 10
– interview 6 inspiring people
– make 48 sales in my online shop
– re-design my shop and product line
– publish 183 blog posts
– design and make thank you cards and stickers
– get prepped for Christmas on time
– get involved with our admin-seller team at work
– visit 4 museums
– read 12 books
– see 1 play
– go to 8 live music shows
– take a Spanish class
– go to an art opening
– listen to 20 new bands
– Pay off my student loan and my credit card
– save the money that was going to debt repayment
– go to at least 100 yoga classes
– make 52 homemade meals
– have 3 dinner parties
– go swing dancing
– start a garden
– take my vitamins regularly
– do my physio exercises 5 days a week
– get a massage once a month

Thinking about 2014 and what I want to accomplish has actually made me really excited about the year! What do you want to do in 2014?

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