Spice up that jumper

You know when you go to the craft supply store and you buy the jumbo pack of embroidery floss? Because then you have one of every colour and it just saves you so much money… And you go home with your purchase, happy because now you can do your embroidery project worry free; you have all the colours and you aren’t going to run out. And then you finish your project and look at the jumbo bag of thread you have, and suddenly realize that you now have enough embroidery floss to circle the globe four times…

So I’ve been looking for ways to use up the plentiful stock I have. I did a project earlier this year on how to make a friendship bracelet with a bit of rhinestone chain and some floss. I got this idea off Pinterest and decided to give it a go: do a quick stitch around an element of a knitted sweater you want to highlight.

make or break sweater diy

I got this jumper off Etsy. If you are looking for an vintage jumper, it’s a great place to start.