Music: Jesse Woods

I really like listening to this guy at work or while cooking. He’s got a sweet, mellow way of singing that makes him deliver good and bad news all with the same delightful lilt. Plus, how could you not like an album called “Get Your Burdens Lifted?”

Also, he’s from Texas. ‘Nuff said.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m doing all this world traveling, sailing, working an important office-type job for a big company, when really, I’m just a cowgirl, waiting to get back home to my pony, my dog, and my cowboy…

3 thoughts on “Music: Jesse Woods

  1. Traveling, sailing, doing an important desk job for a big company are all opportunities you have to grow. In a mirror of my own experience, the opportunity to go and live and work in another culture is an opportunity not only to learn about another culture but also a chance to evaluate your own ethos, philosophy and ideas, that were developed in the culture and society in which you were raised. As George Bernard Shaw (famous Irish playwright) said “The English and the Americans are two nations divided by a common language.”

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