It’s Autumn!

There’s a soft, but steady breeze flowing through the orange leaves of the tree across the street. I want to say they are dancing because they are putting a smile on my face, but their tiny quivering is more like trembling like sequins.

It’s autumn!

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Seemed like the perfect day to visit the Columbia Road Flower Market! 

We walked up from the Aldgate East stop which is a nice way to walk through the vintage market on Brick Lane en route. There were loads of tempting things in there like really old glass bottles (one said “lung tonic”) and nice leather stuff.

We made a quick pass through the Columbia Road Flower Market upon arrival, but decided to eat before purchasing any plants.

We tried out this place, The Premises. It’s attached to a record studio and is supposedly one of the 50 best places to eat in London. Of course, when you have big expectations…

the premises in london

Sadly, I didn’t think the food was that great. I ordered a veggie sausage breakfast sandwich with avocado and onion rings. The veggie sausage wasn’t faux sausage, it was just fried veggies smushed into a patty. The grapefruit juice was super fresh though – they’d obviously just squeezed it right outta the fruit. Bonus. What this place lacked in real-faux-sausage and artisnal breads, it did make up for in price. Brunch for two was £16. Amazing!

Now full of fried food, we waddled back through the market. So beautiful! There were loads of nice flowers and interesting stems. It was too crowded to get very good pictures, but I did try.

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I bought a small rose plant for £2 and my friend bought four cacti for £10. It’s too bad I will be moving in a few months, or else I would have gotten a lot more plants. Def a good place to get deals!

Behind the stalls, there are also lots of really cute little shops (Christmas shopping anyone?). I would definitely recommend going to the Columbia Road Flower Market on a Sunday!