Ahh Paris. Is there any place like it? I have been as a teenager, a university student, and now a young adult. I definitely like Paris more with each visit. It is so beautiful!

A few weeks ago, I took the train over to Paris for work and stayed with one of my best friends from university who now lives there. It was such fun to catch up with her and revisit this elegant city.

My pal was kind enough to meet me at the train station and bring me back to her delightful apartment.


Her apartment is just big enough for her and her man plus a visiting friend. She’s has excellent style, so it looks great, filled with small touches that really make the place feel like a home. And what a hostess! She had a baguette and cheese waiting as a midnight snack. Yessss!


Starting with that baguette, I ate pretty much non-stop the whole trip. The next morning, I insisted my colleagues and I go to a bakery that was near by our office…

IMG_5112 IMG_5113

That night, we went to my bestie’s local cafe and had salad. But in Paris, salad comes with a heap of fried potato slices and a sourdough slab with three kinds of goat cheese toasted on top of it…  Best salad ever? Obviously, since we had eaten salad for dinner, we had to have dessert…


Followed by more pastries the next morning…


And a crepe lunch the next day…


Obvi with a dessert one… (salted caramel – what??).


Of course, I did manage to do a few things besides eating (though this was a highlight for sure). I finally got comfortable using the metro, which has been intimidating before. I really love this warning that you may get your hand caught in the doors. There’s a cartoon bunny getting his hand stuck. He’s wearing a yellow jump suit. No shoes.


It’s decidedly no-frills in the metro. But this is likely the only place in all of Paris that has not be decorated with spirally, wrought-iron leaf tendrils.


The thing I enjoyed the most about Paris this time around was appreciating all the decoration in the city. This rather regular seeming cafe had an elaborate, medieval painted scene on tiles.


And every building has decorative grates over the windows where people frequently place a flower box.

IMG_5133 IMG_5135

I started taking photos of all the beautiful wrought iron fences on the windows. They just add such a delightful touch to the cityscape!

IMG_5136 IMG_5137

Even entrances to buildings just feel grander. Look at the delicate work framing the doorway. Maybe I am just getting carried away, but isn’t even the way the paint is wearing down beautiful?


Loved my trip to Paris. It was very inspiring to be in a place whose city-planners obviously have an eye and appreciation for aesthetics.