London, Tourist Style

I’ve visited London a few times and feel pretty familiar with the sights, so since moving here, I haven’t done much touring of the usual postcard sites. But with my man visiting, I suddenly had an excuse to go again since he had never been to London. I actually had a lot of fun showing him our most famous bits.

We started our tour by walking through Hyde Park towards Buckingham Palace. He was very impressed with the size of the trees in the park and all the beautiful sculptures. This sculpture of Achilles is one of my favorites, particularly with the mere mortal at his feet.


From Hyde Park we walked over to Buckingham Palace. I do enjoy the pomp and grandeur of the palace. Gold plated posts on your gate is the kind of thing that is just too much for a commoner, even a rich one, but the queen can get away with it.


Buckingham Palace faces loads more beautiful sculptures and fountains. I was quite taken with the lovely Victoria Memorial which features a breastfeeding mother (Queen Victoria?) among other things.


She is flanked by a man and woman with lions. They are quite inspiring!


There are other beautiful carvings and bas relief as you walk around the Memorial, all with a nautical theme. I believe this is supposed to represent Britain’s naval power. I really like these sea creatures which seem to be an aquatic combination of bird, and pegaus


The mermaid and merman are probably my favorite. Perhaps Poseidon?


Of course then we walked over to Westminster. Had to get in some shots of Big Ben!


Lucky for us Ocean Leisure is just at Embankment and they were having a sale! We must have spent two hours in there…

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