Welcome to my studio!

There’s one corner in my house that is devoted to my creative pursuits. It’s right next to the window with my flower box and I have this mini cyclamen to keep me company too. Space is at a premium, so I’ve butted my desk right up against the wall. Instead of being supported by two legs, it’s actually resting on books which lie on the first shelf. This shelf also hosts a print I made of the Hudson River and a beautiful drawing of my sailboat made my bestie/sailing partner in the states.
The second shelf is never very organized… it’s all the art supplies. But I try to group things together into piles at least. The window just in front of my desk gives me a great view of our front garden, so the bird chart in the middle of this shelf helps me identify any avian visitors.
The third shelf houses a couple of books and all my MakeOrBreakShop supplies. There’s not too many on the shelf at the moment as I am figuring out product lines and how much of what I need to keep in stock.
The first product line will be the t-shirt dye kits. I think the second will probably be an at-home screenprinting kit with a few patterns to try. I can’t wait to put that one together!