Beans and Kale

The beautiful kale plants have begun to find their mature shape. From between their initial seedling leaves are spouting distinctive curly-edged shoots.
I love watching the transformation in the plants. Only a few days ago, it would have been hard to tell what this plant was going to be, with it soft, anonymous seedling leaves. Now its kale-y-ness it undeniable as a very tiny spike-crowned leaf is appearing.
This is my first year growing plants from seed. I hope I don’t fall so in love with them that I can’t eat them.
Beautiful things continue to appear in the garden like these delicate pinky-purple flowers on tall stalks.
I’m also happy to report that at least one of the four enormous white bean seeds that I planted directly into earth has taken root and is growing by leaps and bounds – much faster than its potted brothers. Can’t wait to help it find its way to the trellis soon!